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Cover Reveal for The Other Blue Sky

Okay, so I know I've given some insight about The Other Blue Sky, which doesn't leave me a lot to share today other than the cover, but I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to share the book with you. I cried my way through my self-edits, and I feel like it represents my feelings perfectly.

For those of you who haven't been with me from the beginning of my journey, I'll give you a little background so I can elaborate on why I sometimes write incredibly emotional books. The truth is, I don't TRY to make people cry (despite what some people will say haha). Shortly after my first son was born, I ended up with Postpartum Depression. I had no clue I was suffering and just thought I was tired and a little miserable from being stuck in the house with a baby who was an incredible napper. I was lonely, though. Babies can't talk, and I was no longer working full time, so things changed pretty drastically for me. 

As soon as I received a diagnosis, I went to therapy, and my therapist suggested I find a hobby that made me happy—something just for me. I told her I loved to write and I did that a lot. She said  I should write and pour my emotions into it. My husband pushed that suggestion a little more and told me I should write a book. At first, I laughed, but then I told myself, "It couldn't hurt to try."
As it turned out, I had a lot of emotions stirred up, and it made up for quite a few words (almost three hundred thousand). Once I was done writing that first series, I felt incredible. I felt accomplished as a writer and as a new mom. I felt better. I knew then that writing would always be my therapy, and I'm grateful to have found that tool in my life because life isn't always easy, and there will still be struggles. 

This past summer was challenging after losing my friend and I could either hold it all in or write my heart out. At first, I kept it in, but then I let it out. I don't think I'll ever have closure on losing someone I love, but I taught myself a new appreciation for life (as significant as that sounds). We live, learn, and grow through our experiences, and even though some of them are brutal, they make up who we are and continue to live on as. 

So yes, this book is heart-wrenching, but it is the way it is because I emptied my soul and laid it all out on paper for the world to read. Therefore, I hope you will read it and find something within the story that resonates with you—or maybe even offer you a different view of life through someone else's eyes. 

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