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I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Let My Love Letters Slip!

Before I give my excuse, I hope everyone got through the hurricane here in the US okay. The pictures are heartbreaking. If you were in the eye of the storm, I hope you're on your way to recovery. My thoughts are with you!

Now, for my excuse ...

I was so focused on writing The Other Blue Sky, that I had my head down, working, and writing during every free minute I had. It paid off because the book is done and with my editor now! 

This book gave me a run for my money. I expected it to be a challenge since I like to include realistic facts in my stories, and this one required a lot of research, which meant stopping once a page to Google something. Then, of course, I'm on Google, which leads to Facebook. I'm sure you get the drift. In any case, I started writing this book in June, and it's taken me quite a bit longer than most of my other books, so I hope it's a good one for you guys!


Motherhood Survival

So, all summer long, I kept thinking about how much more work I would get done once school started again. It turns out, the kids aren't the ones distracting me ... it's just me. I might set unrealistic goals for myself and then get bummed out when I don't reach them. It's great that I can say this to myself so I can comprehend what I'm doing and maybe fix my time management issue, but can a person really change their disorganized ways? Probably not. I could be worse ... I suppose.

I don't know if anyone else is like me and goes through this period of time at the end of Summer where I feel the need to "nest" but I have been on Pinterest for months looking up organizational ideas. First off, I'm sure those pictures were taken seconds after the organizing took place, second, there can't possibly be more than one human living in a house if you want something to stay organized. Unless each person happens to be OCD organized, it probably won't work out. I spent so much time gutting every closet, drawer, and cabinet. Now, my dining room table currently looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa with Amazon boxes, papers, name it. 

I grew up learning it's appropriate to straighten up before someone comes over. I take that to the next level because I have to one-up my mom. My mission in life was to make it so no one knew that my house ever gets dirty.I had a good run, but I've lost my battle. I just tell people not to look in my dining room now. It eats away at me, but someday I'll scar my kids into thinking about what others must think of them if their house is dirty, and maybe they'll start cleaning up after themselves haha. I won't even get started on their cute DIY Pottery-Barn look-alike rooms I spent time on over the past few years. They both look like the aftermath of a rave, every day, even if I clean them before they go to bed. I don't understand.

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