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Love Note - 07/12/2018

Happy almost Friday!

I hope you guys are having a great week! It’s my last day of voidcation and after a week of mostly unplugging, I have to say this is exactly what I needed. I think with the fast pace our lives run in, it’s sometimes hard to stop and smell the flowers. My mom advised me to do just that last week and I snickered at the phrase and suggestion. Truth is, I was scared to stop. When we stop moving at a hundred miles per hour, we’re forced to take in our surroundings and think. When we stop to think, life catches up. At first, I was fighting the waterfall of thoughts barreling over me. However, after my suppressed thoughts were able to saturate every part of me, something happened. My mind became clear. I had thought through everything I was avoiding, and now I feel free from those lingering feelings. I can enjoy a nice breeze and the warmth from the sun. 

Despite my kids asking me how to breathe and blink every four seconds, I managed to get rid of the brain buildup and cleanse my life a bit. It’s amazing what I’ve been able to see without clouds in my way. 
This way of “taking care of myself” is new to me. I rarely stop. I don’t like to sit still, but I learned it’s necessary, even if it’s for just a few minutes a day. There’s my life lesson to share . Maybe you’ve already figured this out, but in case you haven’t, try it! 

On another note, I’ve spent a lot of time people watching in this touristy area, and let me tell you this...I’m a good mom lol. I doubt myself like we all do sometimes, but hey...I watch my kids and tell them not to do dumb things...that’s all it takes to win that Mom of the year award I guess. Who would have thought? 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow as I sit in a car for 15 hours straight . Next week, I’ll tell you I’m never doing roadtripping again, and then you can call my bluff next summer when I’m excited to hop back in the car haha.


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