Love Note - 07/24/2018

Tomorrow is Man Buns Day & HUMP DAY

What are the odds? he he

I'm a little giddy today because this book stripped me off all my jokes so I've been a little boring the last few days, but now that it's time to let'er rip, I can let loose! 

What did one bun say to the other? 


Let's work together and stop the shit...


Anyway, I'm all set and ready for a butt lift tomorrow, so I hope you're ready too! If you were one of the ARC recipients, I would be grateful for any shares on social media or even word of mouth! The world needs some bun puns, in my humble opinion, of course.

So this week in the Ryan household, my youngest declared that he is, in fact, Batman. There was some speculation between my husband and me, but now that's he come clean, we can rest easy knowing that our house is safe every night. I remember my sister announcing she would grow up to be Minnie Mouse and I laughed at the thought, but I can't remember stating what fictional character I would be when I grew up. I wish I could remember because I want to know how serious I was about this. It's cute and all, but my son actually asked me if it was okay for Batman to still have a mommy. So, I guess I can now say I have a batbaby. Weird.

My kids started camp a couple of days a week, and I swear to you I forgot what silence was like. I know it's only been a few weeks since they got out of school, but I was so relieved by the quiet that I might have taken an entire day to just stare at the background of my monitor. It was nice. 

Hmm, what else ... Have any of you used any of those wooden crates they sell at Walmart and Michaels to make anything fun? I have an itch to craft, and the crate is on my mind. I was thinking of making a couple of benches for my kids' rooms, but then I started thinking about them climbing on the benches and somehow falling through the windows...ugh. Anyway, I still want to make them, I'll just keep them away from the windows and put lead weights inside so they can't move them. I sound way more motivated than I am, but it's my self-medicating way to step away from the computer. If you have any crate ideas, send them in or post them on Facebook :). 

I was going to write a "lastly," but my five-year-old hasn't made a peep in about ten minutes and I'm getting paranoid, so I need to wrap this up. I'll be back at ya tomorrow with more bun puns! If you have any you want me to share, send them in or post them! 

Lata Rump Shakers!



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