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Queen of the Throne - Amazon

Queen of the Throne - Amazon

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**A Romantic Comedy Novella **
(If you aren’t a fan of real life toilet humor...skip this one ;) )

Have you ever sat down in front of an incredibly hot man, ran your stiletto covered foot up the side of his leg, then felt a rumbling erupt in the pit of your stomach? A rumble so fierce, you were forced to clench harder than you even thought you were capable of clenching.

This is my life. I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it has affected me in ways I try not to talk about. It hasn’t just ruined almost every date I have gone on—it has simply ruined my life. 

I’ve gone to dozens of doctors in search for a solution and every test has come up inconclusive. That was until I met Dr. Channing…I mean, Noah. He was the mouth-watering gastroenterologist who probed me five minutes after we met. 

Love was instantaneous. The way he cupped my butt-cheek ever so gently showed me a preview of what my future could be. 

I will never forget that colonoscopy, and I will relive it every night in my dreams until the day I see this man again.