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There are many good things that can be said about Shari J Ryan's books

Intriguing. Entertaining. Suspenseful. Thrilling. Chaotic. Crazy. Oh the words to use. Each story has its own personality. Her characters come alive in the pages as you read and honestly it makes turning the pages a must. With each new story she writes you get a more in-depth look into the worlds she can create. I for one am very thankful for those worlds. Some of the best books I've read this year have been written by Shari. #InstantFavorites

Some of Shari's Books

Heartbreakers and Mindbenders

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``Pain is an ugly piece of art hanging on a wall inside of me. It’s a permanent fixture that doesn’t look beautiful from any angle. I’ve learned to ignore it when it catches my eye, but seeing pain in someone else makes me want to fix it.`` - Daphne, Ravel